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Administration & Clerical

Call Center & Customer Care

Light Industrial & Assembly

Administration & Clerical

Rely Workforce Group taps into a network of professionals with skill sets that you rely on, while they learn your specific needs. Using a platform of testing, we can provide the assessments you need to verify the right candidates for your Administrative/Clerical needs:


Still having doubts when it comes to proficiency? Matching the right candidate to the right job is what we do. Rely Workforce Group selects professionals from online skill assessments to assure you receive an effective candidate.

Call Center & Customer Care

Call Center staffing requires several layers of selection; Rely Workforce Group will partner with your organization every step of the way. This approach provides reassurance to identifying the most productive candidates in the field. We source for the professionals that bring accurate data input while maintaining a welcoming smile that can be felt through the call. By connecting the most skilled Customer Service Professionals to your open needs, you can be sure that your valued customers are in the right hands. Having the right people on the front lines elevates your customer care to a higher standard. Rely Workforce Group will position the right agents to make your organization a success:

  • Call Center Agents/Leads/Managers /Supervisors

  • Client Retention Specialists

  • Telemarketing and Sales Representatives

  • Temp to Hire / Permanent Placements / Seasonal / Temporary


Proficiency Testing isn’t the only thing that matters. Rely Workforce Group spends time with each Customer Service Professional to assure they are as pleasant as they are professional.

Light Industrial & Assembly

Reliable, Productive, Efficient and Quality... these are the key identifiers that today’s Light Industrial workers must have. Rely Workforce Group has a laser focus on these qualities in its sourced candidates.
Rely Workforce Group only works with light industrial and employees who can adapt and excel in their assigned roles. We take extra steps to assure:

  • Compliance to approved workflow and protocols

  • Risk focused partnerships with emphases on Safety Based On-boarding

  • Screening and on-boarding of employees that have proven productivity


In line with our clients, Rely Workforce Group demands efficiency while deploying safety programs:

  • Volume sourcing with a focus on quality

  • Added value partnerships by offering operational improvement methods

  • Ongoing internal safety training to assure up-to-date practice deployment

  • Documented on-boarding procedures with safety minded on-boarding specialists

  • Customized client orientation and performance tracking/training

Combined, this process ensures the placement of associates who will produce in your work environment.